FREE computers, business and engineering trade publications

October 31, 2006

FREE one-year magazine subscriptions: computers, business and engineering trade publications A good list of free publications that can help you keep up with the rapidly changing IT industry. (Thanks to John Chin)


Avoid These 10 Interview Bloopers

October 30, 2006

Avoid These 10 Interview Bloopers
With fewer and fewer interview opportunities available in this competitive market, its essential to make the best possible first impression. You can learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the top 10 worst interview blunders.” (via digg)

IT Salaries On The Way Up

October 27, 2006

Dr. Dobbs | IT Salaries On The Way Up | October 24, 2006
“In 2007, IT professionals stand to receive on average a 2.8 percent salary increase over this year, according to a study by employment firm Robert Half Technology.”

Dynamic Drive DHTML & JavaScript code library

October 25, 2006

Dynamic Drive DHTMLdynamic html & JavaScript code library An large collection of free to use CSS layouts and other web development tools. Looks very useful.

whitney music box

October 11, 2006

whitney music box A very neat site demonstrating interesting visual and musical ideas. Fun to play with! From the author: “This weekend I’ve been playing, once again, with the ideas of experimental film pioneer John Whitney, using both graphics and audio. While Whitney was interested in turning musical ideas into motion graphics, I’m doing the inverse — turning one of his key animation ideas back into music.” His blog ( has more information and more examples.