Roles of Variables

A list of data entity roles v2 Using variables is fundamental to programming. By understanding the common uses of variables, programmers can make better use of them in their programs. This site lists and explains the 11 most common uses (roles) of variables. If you are learning programming, I suggest you visit this page and then try visit Try to Classify Variables Yourself.

“Fixed value and organizer contain the same data throughout the program; only the order of data elements may be changed. Most-recent holder and stepper record data flow sources; either coming from outside or generated internally. The net effect of all items in a data flow is represented by a one-way flag, most-wanted holder, or gatherer; while a manipulation of a single element is recorded in a follower or temporary. Data may be stored in a container which can be traversed with a walker. Finally, a data entity not covered by any of the previous roles is considered to have the role other.”


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