Solution Reference Network Design – Cisco Systems

October 28, 2007

Solution Reference Network Design – Cisco Systems
“Solutions Reference Network Design SRND guides provide deployment scenarios that incorporate Cisco products and technologies into an architecture that is tested and documented in Cisco labs or field-proven.”

“These documents show Cisco’s best practices for a variety of technical areas, so it’s a good way to learn what’s really happening in real networks…” Wendall Odum in


Tester Center Home

October 24, 2007

Tester Center Home
The Microsoft Tester Center showcases the test discipline as an integral part of the application lifecycle … share knowledge and learn from each other about testing, our day-to-day job functions, processes, the tools we use, and the various roles we play.” (via Dr. Dobb’s)

The 5 Elements of Writing More Professional Code

October 17, 2007

The 5 Elements of Writing More Professional Code (
A good short article about elements of writing that are appropriate for any language. I agree will all of his points but one, “alignment” can be a real time waster. The rest of his techniques will not only help your code appear more professionally written, it will actually be easier to work with. I like is graphic!

5 points of code quality

Unit Testing? Why?

October 17, 2007

Unit Testing? Why?
“For a lot of software developers, unit testing may seem like an unnecessary extra effort. … Not only does unit testing allow developers to recognize buggy code early on, but it also has several other important aspects.” A concise article explaining the benefits of unit testing and ending with a humorous link. (via dzone)

Internships at NASA Centers and research support facilities.

October 11, 2007

NASA USRP… join USRP for the experience of a lifetime The program provides hands-on technical and research experiences with outstanding NASA mentors. Most students work on practical problems that will see real applications in aerospace or on future NASA missions.” Eligability: US citizen, full-time student, academic major or demonstrated coursework concentration in engineering, mathematics, computer science, or physical/life sciences, GPA >=3. MDC students have participated in the past!

$1 Million Scholarship Giveaway

October 4, 2007

Official Rules: Nelnet $1 Million Scholarship Giveaway “$1 million will be given away to high school juniors and seniors, as well as undergraduate college students: Ten Grand Prizes of a scholarship worth up to $25,000, 750 First Prizes of a $1,000 scholarship.” This is a scholarship lottery with no requirements other than that you must be a college student.

Nelnet is a student loan company  which has apparently caused some controversy as reported in this article: Student-Loan Agency in R.I. Cuts Ties to Nelnet After Criticism Over Call Center.