How NOT To Use PowerPoint video

September 16, 2008

How NOT To Use PowerPoint video and other Coaching videos at 5min

A short, humorous video demonstrating common PowerPoint blunders.  (via Digg)


Article info : The Accidental Complexity of Logic

September 11, 2008

Article info : The Accidental Complexity of Logic
A nice article about making decisions in code. “Much code complexity and no small number of program defects can be traced back to confusion over logical expressions and the expression of logic. Find out how you can get that complexity under control.” (via Prof. Meyer)

Pseudocode Summary

September 11, 2008

Pseudocode Summary

A good, short (one page) description of the pseudocoding process including an example. Highly recommended for all beginning programmers. (via Prof. Meyer)

What Is Clean Code? > Bad Code

September 9, 2008

InformIT: What Is Clean Code? > Bad Code
Sample chapter from Clean Code. Robert C. Martin introduces his book, Clean Code, and polls experienced programmers — including Bjarne Stroustrup, Grady Booch, Dave Thomas, and Ward Cunningham — on what their definition of “Clean Code” is.

A quick read that touches on some important points for novice programmers. (via dzone)

Microsoft Office Discount for Students

September 3, 2008

Microsoft Office Discount for Students – The Ultimate Steal 

A great deal on Microsoft Office Ultimate Edition!