DocWeb – Java API

August 27, 2009

DocWeb – Java API
A Sun-sponsored community JavaDocs site where members: Translate JavaDocs, Offer Bug References, Contribute Notes, Provide Code Examples & Rate Community Contributions” — a new way to view JavaDocs, includes more code samples!


Security Fix – Tighter Security Urged for Businesses Banking Online

August 26, 2009

Security Fix – Tighter Security Urged for Businesses Banking Online  “An industry group representing some of nation’s largest banks sent a private alert to its members last week warning about a surge in reported cybercrime targeting small to mid-sized business. The advisory, issued by the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, recommends that commercial banking customers take some fairly rigorous steps to secure their online banking accounts.” Even companies running anti-virus programs had serious losses. A serious warning! (via slashdot)

A trojan horse programmer speaks out

August 26, 2009

gulli: Bundestrojaner: A programmer speaks out  “His job there was to code malware that would allow to invade PCs of private users. ERA IT Solutions should in particular be involved in constructing trojans which allow the wiretapping of VoIP calls.”  A very interesting and enlightening interview.  (via slashdot)

IPv6 Challenges and Opportunities

August 20, 2009

Slashdot Technology Story | IPv6 Challenges and Opportunities A slashdot article with good IPv6 links: a video of IPv6 issues, business case and an iPhone app (IPv4 death march).

10 Must-Dos for the First Week of College – College – Lifehacker

August 14, 2009

10 Must-Dos for the First Week of College – College – Lifehacker Some excellent suggestions! Also good links for textbook shopping. Please read. (via digg)