January 28, 2010

VOIP VLAN Hopping – The Cisco Learning Network. A potentially serious vulnerability that can be reduced by proper configuration.

And here is a longer article about several possible vulnerabilities and how to avoid them. VLAN Security White Paper.


NSF/DoD Sponsored Supercomputing Undergraduate Program in Maine

January 28, 2010

NSF/DoD Sponsored Supercomputing Undergraduate Program in Maine (SuperMe)

  1. Ten-week summer program: June 1, Tuesday – August 6, Friday, 2009 (tentative)
  2. Application deadline: March 12, 2009 (Friday)
  3. $4,000 stipend, $1,600 housing and food allowance, $500 travel support
  4. Eligibility: US citizen or permanent residence required
  5. Online application: <http://arch.eece.maine.edu/superme> maine.edu/superme

SuperMe provides scientific exploration ranging from engineering to sciences with a coherent intellectual focus on scientific computing. With integrated expertise of ten faculty researchers from both computer systems and domain applications, SuperMe allows each undergraduate to conduct meaningful research, such as developing supercomputing techniques and tools, and solving cutting-edge research problems through parallel computing and scientific visualization.

What They Know About You

January 28, 2010

What They Know. “What  third-party sites know about you will be shown in the results of running the script. The results will present you with a list of sites your browser has visited … For each site on this list we report which third-parties have knowledge of your visit to this site. We also predict your age and gender based on demographic information for users of these sites, as well as your location…”

Be ready to be surprised. This site also offers some suggestions on how to  increase your privacy.

IPv4 Address Report

January 24, 2010

IPv4 Address Report.  A countdown time showing the remaining percent of IPv4 addresses still available and target dates for complete exhaustion (September, 2011 when I access the page). Also includes several nice short articles about the situation.

Network managers must and programmers should start looking into IPv6 if you haven’t already.

The Great Newline Schism

January 21, 2010

The Great Newline Schism “Did you ever wonder what was at the end of your lines? As a programmer, I knew there were end of line characters, but I honestly never thought much about them. They just … worked. But newlines aren’t a universally accepted standard; they are different depending who you ask, and what platform they happen to be computing on:”

An excellent short article about newline confusion — all new programmers should read it.

Online typing speed test and practice typing

January 20, 2010

keybr.com – Take typing speed test and practice typing online.  Improving typing speed will greatly improve your productivity. This is a free (at least the first few levels) tool to help speed up your typing.

Cisco Certification & Networking Books: Buy 3+, Save 40%

January 19, 2010

Buy 3 or more products and save 40%, plus get FREE U.S. ground shipping. Looks like a good deal if you are in the market!

via Best Selling Cisco Certification & Networking Books: Buy 3+, Save 40%.