Note-Taking Strategies for Academic Success

January 27, 2012

Below, I’ve provided a primer on note-taking strategies, many of which I personally used during my academic career. A lot of this is fairly basic stuff–there are no “secrets” to note-taking success. But hopefully a few of these tips will help you start taking notes more effectively.

via Write This Down: Note-Taking Strategies for Academic Success | The Art of Manliness.


Univ of Alabama, Paid summer research opportunity

January 20, 2012

REU-ESE 2012 — REU-ESE. Paid summer research opportunity.


Participant will:

  • Contribute to an ongoing research project through collaboration with faculty members, graduate students, and other undergraduate students
  • Take part in a professional development program designed to foster research and technical communication skills through training, practice, and experience and to encourage pursuit of graduate studies
  • Interact with students, academics, and practitioners in a number of settings, ranging from informal meetings to a professional conference”

Will IT certs get you jobs and raises? Survey says yes

January 4, 2012

“Some 60% said a certification led to a new job; 50% said they earned more pay, with 40% saying their pay increased by more than 10% directly because of a certification; and 29% said a cert led to a promotion.”

via Will IT certs get you jobs and raises? Survey says yes.

Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities at NIST

January 3, 2012

Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities at NIST.The programs provide research opportunities for undergraduate students to work with internationally known NIST scientists and gain exposure to cutting-edge research. … At the Gaithersburg campus, students can work in the areas of nanoscale science, engineering, computer science, mathematics, materials science, chemistry, biology, neutron research and/or physics. In Boulder, SURF students can participate in research in computer science, mathematics, materials science, chemistry, biology, engineering and/or physics.”

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