Passed the Cisco ITQ!

After a pre-test and then a day and a half of face-to-face testing I am now a qualified CCNA Instructor Trainer.  HURRAH!

Met some great people at the ITQ testing and thoroughly enjoyed the process in spite of the stress.


4 Responses to Passed the Cisco ITQ!

  1. Robert McKenzie says:

    Congratulations Greg!

  2. Miguel says:

    Congrats Mr. Ballinger. Dedication pays back!

  3. Aung Htein Maw says:

    Pls suggest me what we need to prepare for ITQ exam?

  4. Wow, it has been a while since I updated the blog.

    For the ITQ, reviewED like I do for the Certification exam and, additionally, I also built a medium size Packet tracer with a topology that could be adapted to cover everything in the curriculum.

    If I remember correctly, I started with one of the Semester 3 or 4 review/capstone PTs from the curriculum. Then I practiced configuring it a few different ways. For example first OSPF, then EIGRP; LACP, then PagP; etc. I also make a point in most of my PT activities to implement both IPv4 and IPv6.

    This is also a good way to study for the Cert. exam.

    Good luck! The ITQ was a challenging but rewarding experience.

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