Arent Routers Boring?

December 18, 2006

Network Performance Daily: “Arent Routers Boring?” the developer asked.
“Arent routers boring? So I actually posed this question in a company-wide e-mail. Here are some of the best responses:”  (via  dzone)


IT Job Market Best In Five Years

December 13, 2006

IT Job Market Best In Five Years, Survey Finds – Software News by InformationWeek
“A boom in IT hiring may finally be at hand, according to a survey released Monday …”

Computer science ‘still a good career’

December 7, 2006

Computer science ‘still a good career,’ leader of job migration task force says
“Students pursuing information technology careers but worried about the offshoring of jobs have nothing to fear, according to a report presented Nov. 2 to academics and members of the Stanford Computer Forum, an industrial affiliates program.”

Computing Careers

December 4, 2006

Computing Careers
“This site is designed to introduce you to the various disciplines that are part of computing and to give you a sense of the many opportunities available in this ever-expanding field. The goal of this web site is to provide additional details that will help you prepare for a career in this area.”