10 Reasons Why People Initially Suck at Programming

April 27, 2011

10 Reasons Why People Initially Suck at Programming | Talk Binary.

I thinking of making this the first week’s reading in my next Java class! Every point is right on.


Summer Opportunity in Imaging and Computer Vision

February 18, 2008

iMagine – NSF REU in Imaging and Computer Vision (Montclair State UniversityWhether applying for a driver license, visiting a doctor’s office, watching a movie (on DVD, or iPod), playing a computer game, or checking the weather forecast maps, today’s human is continuously relying on digital image processing and interpretation.

A summer program for computing majors!


September 13, 2006

RUR-PLE “Roberge’s Used Robot (RUR) : a Python Learning Environment” is a Python implementation of a “robot environment” as introduced by R. Pattis in 1981. RUR is similar in spirit to GvR, although it uses Python syntax. It also includes a Python shell.

Open source robotics toolkits

September 6, 2006

Open source robotics toolkits this offers a brief review and screenshots of several toolkits including simulators for testing robotic code.

Robots coming to intro computer science

July 13, 2006

Northwest Florida Daily News: Robots coming to intro computer science
Two colleges are hoping to make computer science courses more attractive by including personal robots with the textbooks. via slashdot

The NXT STEP – Lego Mindstorms NXT Blog

July 7, 2006

The NXT STEP – Lego Mindstorms NXT Blog The title says it all.

Robot C

July 7, 2006

Robot C is a cross-platform (RCX, VEX & NXT) software language for programming robots. This links to a “Beta” Sampler.