If the comments are ugly, the code is ugly

November 17, 2009

If the comments are ugly, the code is ugly | ITworld. Programming, whether you're doing it as an open source enthusiast or because you're workin' for The Man, is an exercise in attention to detail. Someone who writes software must be a nit-picker, or the code won't work.

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Java String Concatenation and Performance

November 9, 2009

Java String Concatenation and Performance ~ Joey’s Scribble’s. “The quick and dirty way to concatenate strings in Java is to use the concatenation operator (+). This will yield a reasonable performance if you need to combine two or three strings (fixed-size). But if you want to concatenate n strings in a loop, the performance degrades in multiples of n.” An article that compares the speed of  4 different ways to concatenating Strings in Java.  Using  StringBuilder is clearly the fastest but it is interesting to see the range of differences. The comments to the article also mention when StringBuffer should be preferred.

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Clever fools: Why a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart

November 4, 2009

Clever fools: Why a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart…how can a “smart” person act foolishly?” An interesting article with examples, references and suggestions.