DHS Summer Internship Program

November 23, 2011

DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship ProgramThe U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sponsors a 10-week summer internship program for rising juniors and seniors majoring in homeland security related science, technology, engineering and mathematics (HS-STEM) disciplines. The DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to conduct research in DHS mission-relevant research areas at federal research facilities located across the country.

For students currently enrolled at a 2-year institution: Internship assignment is contingent on the student providing proof of acceptance at a 4-year institution before the start of the internship.

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Scholarships and Fellowships for undergraduate study abroad, language study, and international research

November 21, 2011

Boren Awards: Scholarships and Fellowships for undergraduate and graduate study abroad, language study, and international research | Boren Scholarships.

“The Boren Scholarships offer a special initiative for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors. The scholarships fund up to $8,000 for summer study (minimum of 8 weeks) for students majoring in the STEM fields.”

For more information see: http://borenawards.org/boren_scholarship/basics.html

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Opportunity to participate in the 2nd Student Spaceflight Experiments Program

November 17, 2011


November 15, 2011: The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE) announces an immediate opportunity for communities across the U.S. to participate in the second Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) mission to America’s National Laboratory in space—the International Space Station (ISS). Reflecting International Space Station operations, Mission 2 is also available, on a limited basis, to communities internationally.

Mission 2 to ISS provides for an experiment design competition March through May 2012, and ferry flights to and from ISS for selected flight experiments in September and November 2012.

NCESSE stands ready to help interested communities in the U.S. in identifying needed funding.

Participating communities must be aboard by February 27, 2012. Program operations in all communities begin no later than March 5, 2012. Critical milestones are provided below.

All interested communities are urged to contact NCESSE as soon as possible to explore participation in Mission 2 to ISS.

Robert Half Technology – Salary Center

November 15, 2011

Robert Half Technology – Salary Center. Includes regional salary calculator and the 2012 Technology Salary Guide. See what skills and certifications are in demand!

Cisco Visualization

November 14, 2011

Cisco Visualization. Infographics and Videos from Cisco.

IBM Student Portal – Technical resources for university and high school students

November 14, 2011

IBM Student Portal – Technical resources for university and high school students. Find out about internships, certificaitons, contests, online learning resources and more. Sponsored by IBM and their new Academic Initiative.