VideoLectures – exchange ideas & share knowledge

March 29, 2007

VideoLectures – exchange ideas & share knowledge  “Free on-demand video lectures from world’s leading and prominent scientists, research institutions,…” Mostly advanced topics and AI. Bears watching. Includes interviews with prominent people like Tim Berners-Lee. (via dzone)



March 22, 2007

The Computing Research Associations Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research CRA-W, in conjunction with the Coalition to Diversify Computing CDC, is pleased to announce a program that involves undergraduate students in research. The goal of this initiative is to increase the numbers of women and minorities who continue on to graduate school in computer science and engineering.” This one is for students who will be juniors in the fall.

Research Experience for Undergraduates

March 22, 2007

US NSF – REU – List Result This program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and is designed to provide talented undergraduates majoring in Computing Sciences or closely related disciplines the opportunity to experience the challenge and excitement of working on a team-oriented, collaborative research project.” A great summer opportunity. Expenses paid!

Java Design With MVC

March 22, 2007

Java SE Application Design With MVC
If you’ve programmed with graphical user interface GUI libraries in the past 10 years or so, you have likely come across the model-view-controller MVC design. MVC … helps to decouple data access and business logic from the manner in which it is displayed to the user.” A good description of MVC and a suggested modification that addresses some common issues. From the Sun Developer Network. (via dzone).

The Quick Reference Site

March 21, 2007

The Quick Reference Site – The largest collection of free Quick Reference Cards This site includes two java quick reference cards, I like the second one better. Could be very useful for students.

Father of Fortran programming language dies

March 21, 2007

Father of Fortran programming language dies “Fortran changed how people wrote programs on machines and also changed the way compilers were built…”  A sad day.

This was the first high level language I learned; back in the days of punch cards. Interestingly Fortran lives on in the land of supercomputing; it is the most popular language for large scale simulations. For more see

New Application Certification Program

March 20, 2007

New Application Certification Program – “It Works on My Machine”
Inspired by application certification programs such as Microsoft’s new “Works with Windows Vista” logo program Id like to introduce a new, developer focused “Works on My Machine” application certification program.” A bit of workplace humor. (via dzone)